Don't let communication be a pain point in your growing organization

Employees often report lack of connection with different parts of an organization, as it gets bigger, especially in the hybrid and remote environment of today. Foster cross team collaboration by enabling employees to connect with each other and spark discussions that lead to great ideas

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Your water cooler, just online

Employees love to collaborate and build strong relationships with different teams, but that can get challenging as your organization grows, especially when people might not be in the same office at the same time.

Don't let the size of your organization inhibit its communication.

Onboard your team

Onboard individual or multiple departments and set up initial preferences f0r cross team match

Get matched for speed chats

Employees get matched for one-one 15 minute speed chats and provide feedback to our continuous learning algorithm

Analyze and improve

Our system analyzes meeting summaries to identify pain points for you to action and improve

Simple pricing

All the features included

Transparent pricing that scales with your company.

What’s included

  • Unlimited automatic chat scheduling
  • Calendar Integration
  • Usage Analytics
  • 24-hour support response time

$2 / user / monthUSD

or $20 / user / year if paid annually

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Frequently asked questions

We could go on and on for why we think this is needed but to keep it short, if you are like most organizations, you would like to give employees flexibility with hybrid or full remote options but also do not want collaboration to take a hit. Why not just move it online?

We recommend that employees have at least one 15 minute speed chat per week. Of course, they can customize this based on their schedule.

Our system will periodically gather feedback from employees and also track their engagement with our platform so you know exactly what value is being added.

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